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used buick differentialSo you got yourself a luxury Buick huh? Those are pretty nice, but why not also find yourself a nice used replacement differential assembly? We haven hundreds of warehouses that we ship out of all across the US and Canada, so finding the best possible replacement differential for you and your Buick vehicle shouldn’t be a problem! What is a differential assembly, you might be wondering? A differential assembly is the center metal chunk that goes in the front of (or front and back if its a 4 wheel drive vehicle) your vehicle underneath, where you connect the axle shafts that in turn, cause the wheels of your vehicle to move forward and backwards…..so in other words, a fairly important piece of your vehicle that you need functioning at all times!  All of our differentials come with a standard 6 month parts only (no labor) warranty, guaranteeing that we will take care of you if you are sent a part from us that is wrong or not in working condition. The prices of differential assemblies tend to vary depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle like most parts do so in order to get the right quote from us, you will have to call us or just fill out the contact form down at the bottom of the page so we can get give you a call. Make sure to fill out ALL the information in the contact form below to make sure we have all the right information to find you the part you need, and contact you in case there are any issues. We excited to head from you!

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