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The used transfer cases for all, story began years ago when the owners father began working in the used car parts business. They both knew that there was a lot of success to be had within the used auto parts market. But the question remained, how and where do you go about finding it? Many used auto parts sellers pay monthly in order to subscribe to different businesses that have plenty of people searching for different used parts on the internet. These is done in order to sell their stock, but a lot of these businesses charge even the person searching for their used part. Just for the opportunity to put in a request to find the used part they are looking for! After some time it hit them, why not create a business not to sell used auto parts, but instead to help customers find the used auto part they need by using the power of the internet like other online businesses before them, and do it better than the rest by helping you find your part FOR FREE! Enter UCTPU, the answer to just that! We here at UCTPU pride ourselves on helping our customers find the used parts they desperately need without charging them a cent, so please make sure to let us know if there is anything special we can help you find.